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In making this application the undersigned certifies their understanding that:
I. Busan Foreign School will provide a North American styled education.
II. Fees and tuition are payable in either U.S. dollars or Korean won at the prevailing exchange rate annually, semi-annually, or quarterly, in advance. Deposits should be made a minimum of 10 days in advance.
III. Each applicant for admission to BFS shall be considered on their own merit.
IV. Parents/guardians have an obligation to return the following before the student will be admitted:

1. Completed Student Application form (this online form)
2. Photocopy of student’s and parent’s passport
3. Student’s birth certificate (In Korea known as family birth certificate / 가족관계증명서)
4. School transcripts from past two years from previous school(s) for students entering grade 2 and above
5. Letter of attendance or good standing (upon request)
6. Letter of recommendation (upon request)
7. Any other information requested by Admissions during the family interview
V. Upon acceptance parents/guardians have an obligation to return the following:
1. Use of Image Consent Form
2. Statement of Understanding on Withdrawal and Refund
3. Special Power of Attorney
4. Acceptable Use Procedures Agreement for Technology Form
5. One passport picture
VI. Parents/guardians are responsible for seeing that their children have the required vaccinations (listed in the school handbook) within 30 days of enrollment.
VII. Parents/guardians should ensure the school’s handbook is discussed and reviewed with their child(ren)
VIII. Parents/guardians should read and sign below to attest to: